Chicago Police Officer On Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Security Team Charged With Domestic Battery

Marni Washington, who is part of Lightfoot's mayoral protective detail, was charged after a reported June 27 incident.

A Chicago Police officer assigned to Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s security detail was charged on Wednesday with domestic battery.

Officer Marni Washington, 50, reportedly turned herself in early Wednesday morning after a warrant was issued for her arrest related to a June 27 domestic incident, police told the Chicago Sun-TImes. She was charged with one misdemeanor count of domestic battery and was released after posting bond, which the judge set at $10,000.

Local media reported that Washington is accused of pinning her girlfriend against the wall and threatening her when she tried to leave their residence during an argument. The girlfriend filed an order of protection on Monday in which she said the attack left her with ripped clothing and bruising, according to the Chicago Tribune. The judge granted the order that same day.

Washington has received three complaints since joining the police department in 2001, according to the Citizens Police Data Project, which tracks information on police misconduct in Chicago. A complaint in 2002 was related to a domestic incident.

Police confirmed to NBC Chicago that Washington has been a part of Lightfoot’s security team, though it wasn’t clear if she remained on the mayor’s detail since the charges. Lightfoot’s office did not immediately return a request for comment from HuffPost.

The mayor, who took office earlier this year, drew scrutiny in May over her security detail when she changed the tradition of using a police department team. Lightfoot added federal marshals and members of other agencies outside Chicago to her security team.

Before she was elected mayor, Lightfoot was a federal prosecutor who became president of the Chicago Police Board, a police oversight panel.

Washington’s next court date is scheduled for July 29.