Chicago Police Rescue Injured Rooster From Blue Line Train Tracks (VIDEO)

WATCH: Cop Rescues Injured Rooster From Train Tracks

Updated story

Power was temporarily shut off on Chicago's Blue Line early Monday not because of an equipment problem or police emergency. Rather, the matter was that of an enfeebled fowl, apparently trapped in the train tracks.

A video uploaded Monday to YouTube shows a rooster "just sitting in the middle of the tracks" at the Logan Square Blue Line station. A Chicago police officer arrived on the scene, power to the tracks was shut off and, as the video shows, the officer gingerly approached the bird.

As Fox Chicago reports, the bird did not resist being picked up and rescued by the officer. It had apparently had sustained a broken wing and was next taken to Animal Care and Control, where a veterinarian examined it.

The Chicago Tribune reported late Monday that due to the severity of the bird's injuries, it was euthanized. Officer Enrique Molas, who rescued the rooster from the tracks, said he was surprised at all the media attention the incident has received.

Though it remains a mystery how exactly the rooster wound up on the tracks, one has to wonder if, perhaps, the incident was the bird's attempt at sort of act of civil disobedience gone awry.

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