Chicago Reacts To George Zimmerman Not Guilty Verdict In Trayvon Martin Case

Chicagoans Rally In Reaction To George Zimmerman Verdict

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Among those taking the streets nationwide in outrage at George Zimmerman being found not guilty in the shooting death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin were a number of Chicagoans.

Dozens rallied at Daley Plaza around 11 p.m. and later in the evening, near the Taste of Chicago gates at Congress and Michigan, another group demonstrated against the verdict.

"We had to show the people we can’t stand for this no more. No more lives in this country should have to die unjustly, and that’s not fair, and that’s not cool," demonstrator Malcolm London told CBS Chicago of the rally.

Another rally coordinated by Young Chicago Authors was set to take place at noon at Daley Plaza Sunday.

Meanwhile, black clergy in Chicago are urging calm on the heels of the verdict. The Rev. Jesse Jackson told the Associated Press the legal system "failed justice" with the verdict but added violence is not the answer.

The Twittersphere also erupted with reactions following news of the verdict:

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