World's Largest Bratwurst Cooked Up By Chicago Restaurant (VIDEO)

Chicago Restaurant Sets Record With 47-Foot Bratwurst (VIDEO)

A German restaurant in Chicago wanted a world record in the “wurst” way -- and they succeeded -- with a 47-foot, three-inch bratwurst.

The Berghoff Restaurant made its stab into the record book Sept. 15 as a way to take their annual Oktoberfest celebration to the next level, according to CEO Carlyn Berghoff.

“We’ve been doing this event for 26 years and we wanted to mix things up by doing something crazy and fun,” Berghoff told HuffPost Weird News.

Schmeisser’s Meats and Sausage not only provided the brat, which weighed more than 40 pounds, but the company also took great pains to ensure the provenance of the meat by telling the crowd that the name of the pig whose innards supplied the casing was named “Chic.”

Eyewitnesses say they were being frank when they claimed they never sausage, er, saw such a huge brat before.

The big-ass bratwurst needed a bun sturdy enough to hold it all. Highland Bakery supplied a bun that measured 50 feet long and required 35 pounds of dough. The bakery, which brought it to the event in a 53-foot trailer truck, says it was the longest bun they have ever baked.

Executive Chef Mathew Reichel needed eight grills and 30 minutes to cook up the brat. Illinois Senate President John J. Cullerton had the privilege of the first bite.

According to sources, he thought it really cut the mustard.

Additionally, four-inch sections were sold to raise $1,000 for a Mercy Home for Boys and Girls, a charity that provides full-time residential, aftercare and mentoring programs for more than 700 young men and women every year.


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