Chicago Restaurants Open On Christmas Day 2012: Top Picks For Grub (PHOTOS)

There's no denying that even the least Grinchy among us is a little daunted when it comes to cooking a Christmas Day meal (and wrangling the dirty dishes that come after).

Living in a city with a tasty food around almost every corner, Chicagoans averse to Christmas KP duty can reflexively reach for the nearest takeout menu almost any other day of the year without worry. Though the majority of restaurants take the day off on Christmas, there are still plenty of ways to get a feast on in the Windy City on a day many restaurants go dark.

Chinese food is the traditional Christmas Day go-to for diners who don't mark the holiday, but GrubHub has rounded up a wider range of options.

For diners looking for cuisine beyond a Christmas goose and figgy putting, Latin American steakhouses and veggie-friendly Middle Eastern cuisine are among the top open-on-Christmas picks. Based on average GrubHub and Yelp ratings, here are Chicago's 10 top-rated restaurants to find a celebration-worthy meal on Dec. 25.

Top Restaurants Open For Christmas
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