Chicago School Stabbing: Chris Wormely Dead, Another Student Critically Injured (VIDEO)

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Updated story

CHICAGO -- At least one student has died and another is hospitalized in critical condition following a stabbing at a school on Chicago's South Side.

The alleged killer, a 17-year-old who was a student at the school, has been taken into police custody, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. Both victims were reportedly male students.

A 16-year-old who was reportedly trying to break up a fight between the teen in custody and the deceased 17-year-old was hospitalized in critical condition, the Sun-Times reports.

Family of the deceased student identified him as Chris Wormely.

A spokeswoman for AMIKids Infinity Chicago told the Tribune that the school provides services for kids that have been expelled or suspended from Chicago Public Schools.

"They generally have severe emotional or learning disabilities and can’t perform in the public schools system," she told the paper. "They either stay for a period of time before returning to cps or finish their schooling with AMI.”

A school worker told NBC Chicago that two of the students involved "got into an altercation" before entering the building, and the incident apparently escalated when they got inside.

“The kids had had some previous tensions before but they had never had any kind of physical altercation prior to this,” school spokeswoman Sherri Ulleg told the Sun-Times. “They did receive counseling at school for some of the issues they were having.”

EDITOR'S NOTE: An earlier version of this story indicated that the victim and the offender were both 16-years-old. Police later confirmed to local news outlets that they were both 17. The student wounded while trying to break up the fight is 16-years-old.