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Chicago-Style Deep-Dish Pizza Is Apparently NYC's New Cronut (Thank God)

New Yorkers, rejoice. A better food fad is here.
Dinner for @VersaDave at @PiStL.
Dinner for @VersaDave at @PiStL.

It appears New York foodies who stood in line for hours for Cronuts™ less than a year ago are already moving on -- to the very same Chicago-style pizza prominent New Yorkers like Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart have derided as "not pizza."

As reported by the Chicago Tribune's Christopher Borrelli, the wait for a table at Emmett's -- a 30-seat, newly opened restaurant just two blocks away from Dominique Ansel's Cronuts™ in Lower Manhattan -- is currently topping three hours even on typically slow cold, Sunday nights. The hot-ticket item that's drawing in the diners? A Chicago-style deep-dish pizza.

Emmett's was opened last fall at 50 MacDougal St. by owner Emmett Burke, a native of Chicago suburb Lake Forest, the same week Stewart railed against deep dish as "a f***ng casserole" in an epic rant that prompted a threatening-looking note and an anchovy-topped pizza from Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Burke told New York Daily News that skeptics like Scalia and Stewart have long had an "inferiority complex" when it comes to the thick, cheesy, Chicago-style pies.

"Some people don’t want to call it pizza, but that’s because they may be jealous," Burke told the paper.

Hype aside, does the deep dish deliver? The pizza at Emmett's has been criticized as mediocre and "too saucy" by some and praised as "a revelation" by others, and is currently chalking up a four-star Yelp rating.

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