Chicago Tribune Sports Section Expresses Solidarity With Boston After Marathon Bombings (PHOTO)

The sports section of the Chicago Tribune expressed solidarity with the city of Boston on Tuesday with a moving tribute on its front page.

Underneath the individual references to the Boston-area sports teams was a touching message to people in Boston reeling from the deadly bombing at the finish line of the marathon.

Here is a brief section:

As much as it is anathema for a Chicago fan to root for any other town -- especially Beantown and all of its championships -- here we are.

"Hang in there, Boston."

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"It’s unconventional, no doubt. But it seems to have struck a chord," Mike Kellams, the Chicago Tribune associate sports managing editor, told Ed Sherman of "Rooting for Boston — a town expecting to win titles in all sports so often — is a little hard to fathom from a sports point of view. But there’s no doubt we’re cheering for Boston to find these guys and make their world safe again."