Chicago Violence Fueled By Rappers

The recent uptick of violence in Chicago has one main culprit, Rappers that are trying hard to stay in the game at the expense of young men dying on the streets on the south side of Chicago. There appears to be a feud going on between different sets with the hopes to make it to the top like Chief Keef and Lil Durk. However, the majority of Rappers will never make it out of the hood.

The death of Lil JoJo set the stage up for revenge against Chief Keef and anybody associated with his team. This includes Lil Durk and Capo. Lil JoJo represented a meal ticket for his crew and now there is no hope in sight for Lil JoJo's legacy and his friends could be out for blood. Lil Durk's Manager was shot and killed after filming a video promoting peace and his cousin was also shot and killed.

Rapper Jay-Loud was also killed for wearing a Lil JoJo Hoodie. Recently, one of Chief Keef's friends, Capo, was shot and killed on the south-side of Chicago. The alleged shooters ran over a young toddler named Dillan Harris in their attempt to flee the scene of the shooting. Chief Keep scheduled a benefit concert to help the Harris family, but select community leaders spoke out against the concert. The concert producers postponed the event for a later date.

The only people that appear to be profiting from the violence are record labels and some of the artist. This is really crazy considering the history of violence in Hip Hop. For example, Tupac Shakur was killed and the Notorious B.I.G. was gun downed during an epic Hip Hop Battle that could have been avoided with the right intervention. Additionally, many rappers have lost their lives for a moment of fame. We all know that violence sells, but Chicago violence is real. We need all hands on deck to help bring an end to this senseless entertainment violence.

Some experts show a correlation between street violence fueled by rap music and while others don't cite a connection at all. One thing for sure is when you have thousands of young people trying to make it big in the rap game and violence is part of the plan, then you will have more violence than one city can handle. That's where Chicago is right now in their efforts to reduce homicides. Many of the young rappers talk about their guns, women, their crew, the murder game, drugs and more. This represents big dreams for some and instant death for others. It's like going into a goldmine knowing you could lose your life, but the bounty is greater than the risk.

The Gangster Rap Days are over, but for some reason select Chicago Rappers are being supported by billionaires to keep pushing violence as a way of life in Chicago. This city does not need entertainment fueled by violence because Chicago already has its fair share of violence. There comes a time when music executives and artist have to rise to the occasions and take the higher road by producing music that will lead to peace and resolution instead of pushing death.