Chicago Woman Was Sick Of 'Dibs,' So She Shoveled Her Entire Block

Chicago, meet your new "dibs" hero.

In the wake of the polar vortex that slammed Chicago with snow and record-breaking cold, 29-year-old Humboldt Park resident Jamie Lynn Ferguson was frustrated when she heard reports about drivers calling "dibs" on parking spots they had shoveled out and subsequently getting into scuffles with neighbors over spots.

Her solution? Taking the day off to clear her entire West Side block of snow.

"It's better to have dibs on being nice than it is to have dibs on a parking spot," Ferguson told the RedEye.

Ferguson noted to the Chicago Sun-Times that many of her neighbors are "elderly ladies" who weren't able to dig out their cars.

Ferguson told WGN Friday morning her neighbors's reactions to her good deed were "so sweet," if a bit initially confused in some cases.

"They were really nice and grateful about the whole thing," she told the station.

Chicago Hit With Snow, Extreme Cold

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