Chicago Young Republicans 'Call Me Maybe' Parody: 'It's Hard To Be Right In Chicago' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Chicago Young Republicans Tackle 'Call Me Maybe'

Borrowing a page from a certain chart-topping Canadian singer's omnipresent summer anthem, the Chicago Young Republicans have released a new recruitment video aimed at letting you know they "need you so bad, need you so, so bad."

On Tuesday, the youth-geared GOP-voting club pulled back the curtain on a "Call Me Maybe" -- or "The CYRs Are Calling, Baby" -- parody video, hardly the first time a spin on the Carly Rae Jepsen smash has taken a turn for the political.

"It's hard to be right in Chicago," the song's refrain proclaims of President Obama's hometown. "But we're all here for a better tomorrow!"

The video paints a pretty raucous picture of the scene awaiting those who join them in phone banking: Pizza, free beer, a seemingly endless supply of "No Apology" hardcovers and at least one guy running around holding a Mitt Romney mask over his face. Plus, according to the group's Twitter, successful phone bankers might even have a shot at winning a prize a million Fox News viewers would probably kill for.

How do you think the CYRs' ditty stacks up against other recent Jepsen parodies? Let us know below.

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