Chicago's Best Macaroons, Macarons: Where To Find The Tasty, Tiny Treats In The City (PHOTOS)

Did you know that Thursday -- and each May 31 -- is National Macaroon Day?

As Menuism points out, macarons -- which originated in France -- have been become an increasingly popular treat here in the States, and perhaps that popularity is at the root of some confusion over what constitutes a macaron versus what is a macaroon.

Macaroons originated in Italy and are the coconut- and often chocolate-covered flourless cookies that also include egg whites, sugar and ground almonds.

Macarons, on the other hand, are the multi-colored, multi-flavored mini-cookie sandwiches usually filled with a jam, meringue or ganache. According to The Nibble blog, they were invented by Pierre Desfontaines Ladurée.

In celebration of the (admittedly obscure) holiday, we reached out to our readers to find out where they like to get their macaron -- or macaroon -- fix, and also included a few of our own picks. If you're feeling inspired by their rave reviews of the tiny treat, be sure to check out the video tutorials below for tips on how to whip up your own.

Did we miss your favorite spot for the dessert of the hour? Let us know!



Chicago's Best Macaroons & Macarons