Chicago's DJ Intel And Blogger Girlfriend Make Vegetarian Version Of KFC's 'Double-Down'

DOUBLE DOWN...For Vegetarians

With all the hype surrounding KFC's meaty and breadless "Double-Down" sandwich, it is only natural that vegetarians (and those who don't dig heart attacks) felt a bit left out. Fortunately, a Chicago DJ and his girlfriend came up with a tasty solution.

Chicago's DJ Intel, a pescatarian, decided to create his own version of KFC's sandwich that substitutes chicken for bread, and Gapers Block tipped us off to Intel's girlfriend's food blog--where she shared the recipe.

"Anyone on the net or well... anyone living knows about the meat monstrosity called the KFC 'Double-Down.' Well I am a Pescatarian ( mostly vegetarian but I include fishes in my diet) and this meat medley was not in the cards for me and really I had no desire for it," Intel's girlfriend Crystal Pistol wrote on her new blog titled "Snackin in the City."

Crystal wrote that Intel went to the grocery store and was picking up "peculiar items." When she questioned him about it, he said, "Hey we deserve to dream too, don't we?"

Intel shared his grocery list on his blog:

* Spicy fake chicken patties (available from Boca)

* Fake Bacon (Morningstar has a great version)

* Pepperjack cheese

* Monterey Jack cheese

* Honey mustard

Cook the faux meat according to package instructions and slap it together. The results?

Crystal wrote: "OMG we both wanted another!"

As for Intel: "You're welcome America."

Here is a photo of the work in progress from Intel's blog:

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