Chicago's Warm Temperatures Could Break 131-Year-Old Record Thursday

Temperatures in Chicago pass the 60-degree mark Thursday--shattering a 131-year-old record and bringing joy to those with a serious case of cabin fever.

"Gosh, it's going to be close," National Weather Service meteorologist Paul Merzlock told the Chicago Tribune on the chances of breaking the 60-degree record, which was set in 1880.

The city could see highs in the low 60s between 3 and 5 p.m. Thursday, according to the National Weather Service. They also report a 30 percent chance of rain before midnight.

Temperatures are expected to drop again Friday, but remain unseasonably high. Friday will be mostly sunny with a high of 49 degrees.

Then, there's the bad news: Monday's temperatures will dip back into the 20s, according to the NWS, which also says there is a chance of snow.

Enjoy the warmth while you can.

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