Chicago's Worst Traffic: Congested Highways To Avoid

Chicago's Worst Traffic: Congested Highways To Avoid

With Memorial Day coming up and the President in town , not to mention all those construction projects, it goes without saying that traffic is going to be miserable this weekend.

And a new report shows that a few Chicago junctures rank among America's worst for bottlenecking congestion.

The Federal Highway Administration released a report Thursday that used terabytes of GPS data from truckers across the country to determine the nation's top 100 most congested interchanges.

To our chagrin (but not really our surprise), the #1 and #2 most congested spots in America were, you guessed it, right here in Chicago.

So while it's gonna be ugly out there no matter where you go, you might want to steer clear of these spots if you can avoid them.

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