Chick-Fil-A Mother-Son Date 'Knight': Make Medieval Plans With Mom At Your Local Food Court

WASHINGTON -- Hear ye, hear ye, fair residents of Ye Olde Towne (and the entire realm of Washington): gentlemen, you are cordially invited to night of revelry and feasting... at the mall... with your mother.

Yes, nothing says "date night" like bellying up to the food court with mom for an evening of waffle fries, fried chicken and medieval-themed events.

At least, that's what Chick-fil-A is hoping with its upcoming Mother-Son Date Knight, scheduled for May 6 at 51 Maryland and Virginia locations. (No Chick-fil-A stores in the District are participating.)

During this special medieval-themed evening, moms and their sons are encouraged to spend some time together while they enjoy dinner, great conversation and several special activities. Every Mother-Son pair will also receive a place mat with fun questions and topics to get the conversation started, and a take-home booklet that provides ideas for future dates and questions that both moms and their sons can ask each other.

Worry not, ye of large families: per the event's FAQ, yes, you may bring more than one son and no, there's no dress code -- although it's highly encouraged at one Oklahoma Chick-fil-A location, so go ahead and break out the matching mother-son doublets and gowns:

The whole evening is "Knight"-themed, so (while it isn't required) we encourage you all to dress up as knights, fair maidens, dragons -- whatever your merry heart desires.

Reservations are required so check the website, which has the amazing URL mothersondate.com, to find a location near you. Let us know if you go!

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