Chick Hearn Predicted How Long Kobe Would Play For The Lakers

Once again, Chick knows all.

Known for coining basketball slang like “slam dunk” and “triple-double,” longtime Lakers commentator Chick Hearn proved prescient this week, more than a decade after he passed away.

On Monday, a video was posted showing the all-time great play-by-play man talking with fellow hoops G.O.A.T. Kobe Bryant, early in the latter’s professional career. Hearn eerily predicts that Bryant has “got 19 or 20 years to play with the Lakers.” That 20-year guess hit the nail on the head, with -- as we all know by now -- No. 24 announcing on Sunday that he will retire this spring, right after his 20th campaign with Los Angeles.

Lakers fans will surely begin to feel nostalgia slink over them as Bryant’s farewell tour continues in the coming months -- and with a bevy of video tributes and framed jerseys coming Kobe’s way, all we’ll be missing is Chick Hearn’s famous voice, telling us what is happening, play by play.


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