Chick Sleeps On Cat Friend During The Cutest Nap Ever (VIDEO)

WATCH: A Chick Sleeping On A Cat!

Friends really do come in all shapes and sizes.

Oscar, the cat in this video, apparently loves nothing more than to curl up with a squeaking pal for a midday nap.

The clip was uploaded to YouTube by user tubbytubbytubtubs, whose uploaded a few dozen other videos of Oscar sleeping in various states as chicks mill about.

If you're looking for a companion of your own and are ready for the responsibility, take a look at the ASPCA adoption site or And while they may be cute, make sure to keep baby ducks outside as they don't make for good pets. The average duck poops once every 15 minutes and the CDC recommends washing your hands after coming into contact with them as they "often" carry Salmonella.

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