Chicken Foot In Safeway Package Of Breasts Inspires Twitter Tantrum

Jeez, woman. Calm yourself. Or don't -- Twitter freak outs are pretty funny.

"Lindsey," a shopper at a Safeway in Phoenix didn't like finding what appears to be a chicken foot sealed within a value package of breasts. Rather than calmly informing store management, she chose to tweet her outrage directly at Safeway.

@liiindseyyy412 has since made her tweets private, but we managed to nab a screencap of her chicken foot photo:

chicken foot

Yum. Amazing that she was able to send out that tweet while vomiting. That's some skill.

But let's get real. In the world of so-called "mealbreakers," finding one part of an animal in a package of other meat from the same type of animal isn't exactly horrifying -- provided one knows that meat comes from animals that are often slaughtered and processed in factories. Mistakes happen.

Perhaps she was unaware. Perhaps she just wanted some free ice cream to allay the vomiting:

You know what's really vomit-inducing? Extortion. She later claimed that the "ice cream tweet was a joke."

After tweeting the photo and getting in touch with the news, the woman finally arrived at the reasonable course of action that might have remedied the situation in the first place, and possibly netted her a coupon of some sort:

Despite deciding to make the matter very, very public, the outraged shopper is having some issues with her newfound infamy.

If you can't stand the heat, then don't put it on Twitter.