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We Found The Recipes That Will Make You Love Chicken Livers (PHOTOS)

Once you love these delicious little things, it's only a matter of time.

If you've found yourself interested in either cooking or eating more offal recipes, but aren't quite ready to dive in head-first, we have a suggestion: dive in liver-first. Chicken livers, we mean.

Chicken liver recipes are like the offal gateway drug. They're mild enough for even the most timid offal eater, and delicious enough to make you wonder what other flavors are lurking out there in the other nasty bits. For some of us, it was our grandmother's chopped liver recipe that got us started. For some, a chicken liver paté at a party. If you haven't found the recipe that's made you love chicken livers yet, we bet we've got one in the list below.

Vietnamese Spiced Paté
Chicken Liver And Sweet Onion Crostini
Shades of Cinnamon
Chopped Liver
The Martha Stewart Show
Stuffed Cabbage With Farro, Mushrooms And Chicken Livers
Ken Rivard
Tuscan Chicken Liver Paté
Sarah Shatz
We Heart This
Fried Chicken Liver And Onions
Sassy Radish
Deep South Dirty Rice And Shrimp Stuffing
New Media Publishing
Jen’s “Improved” Chicken Liver Ragu
Ryan Dausch/Food52
Sherried Chicken Livers On Wilted Greens

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