Best Boyfriend Ever Feeds His Girlfriend Chicken Nuggets While She Gets A Manicure

Whatta man-icure.

The only thing that could make manicures better is if a person could eat chicken nuggets at the same time. Just ask the couple in a viral photo that shows what true love really is.

Lea Adame was at ProfessioNAIL Salon in Fullerton, California last week when she spotted a woman getting her nails done while the woman’s boyfriend sat next to her, feeding her nuggets by hand.

“A guy at the salon is straight up feeding his girl chicken nuggets while she gets her nails done that’s the kind of love & support i need,” she wrote.

“Honestly, same,” the entire internet replied.

But if you thought the photo itself was cute, the story behind it is even better. The couple is Aubrey Yip and Sam Huynh, who have been together for two months, and the manicurist is Huynh’s mother, whom Yip was meeting for the first time.

On top of that, Huynh was feeing Yip nuggets because she’s training for a weightlifting competition.

“I had just cut weight and weighed in for a powerlifting competition and needed to eat throughout the day to prepare for the competition,” Yip told HuffPost. “He knows I love nuggets (hello, McDonald’s!) so he got them for me. He even had all four of my favorite chicken nugget sauces laid out and prepared for me. He asked me which ones I wanted for each bite.”

Yes, that’s right, he even had all four of her favorite chicken nugget sauces laid out. And took requests!

The couple is enjoying the new attention, but Huynh told HuffPost the pressure is on to live up to his new fame.

“We never thought this would be the result of a small gesture,” he said. “Friends have been telling me that I’ve raised the bar for boyfriends and asked how I’m going to top this.”

Sounds about right. Excuse us while we cry tears of joy over this pure display of love into our self-serve bucket of nuggets.