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Chicken Pot Pie Is Fashion's Favorite Food

This week's New York Times Style section takes a look at fashion's favorite food -- no, it's not rice cakes or bottled water -- chicken potpie. The industry's appetite for the dish apparently came about during the recession in 2007 and it's been a staple on menus since, popping up at fashion shows and the MTV Movie Awards alike.

Even Anna Wintour, who is reportedly a difficult dinner date (imagine that!), enjoys a good potpie. Her private chef Hank Tomashevski told the Times, it's her fave "because it's quick to serve and moves things right along."

Okay, okay -- now that our stomachs are grumbling and our minds straying into lunchtime land, can someone please tell us who in the biz actually cleans the plate of such a starchy meal?

Cue Coco Rocha, who once blogged: "We were treated to what we all agreed was probably the best chicken potpie anyone had ever tasted. Of course, none of the fashion people at the table dared to be the one to finish the whole thing." Just as suspected.