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The Only Chicken Recipe You'll Ever Need

Chicken is not an easy dish to master. And with all the hundreds (of thousands) of chicken recipes to attempt, it's no wonder so many of us get it wrong. There's an influx of information; it's downright overwhelming. And it's time to simplify things, guys. Let's focus on just one chicken recipe to get right -- the best one there is, of course -- and let the rest of the chicken recipe noise just fall to the side.

If we had to choose just one chicken recipe to eat till the end of days, it would definitely be a roast chicken. Think about it. Roast chicken has pretty much everything we love about all other chicken dishes: crispy skin, white meat AND dark meat. And, cooking it means your house will smell amazing for hours.

Roast chicken is also one of the easiest dishes to master, despite what you might think. Especially if you use the right recipe, which is Martha Stewart's easy roast chicken. (Whatever your thoughts are on Martha Stewart, the woman knows her chicken.)

Martha's recipe calls for only three ingredients -- chicken, butter and salt -- that's it! But when you use those three ingredients well, you really don't need anything else. And there are no fancy tricks needed to make this recipe, just a hot oven and a good-quality bird. Get Martha Stewart's Easy Roasted Chicken recipe and see how good homemade chicken can be.

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