Man In Chicken Skin 'Gimp Suit' Walks Around London And Does Aerobics, Because Art

Man Walks Around London In Suit Made Out Of Chicken Skins

An artist has been walking around London, dressed head to toe in a "gimp suit" made of nothing but chicken skins and thread. Needless to say, he’s been turning quite a few heads.

The bizarre outfit is part of FLESH, a project by artists Lewis G. Burton (the person in the suit) and Victor Ivanov (the man who sews him into it).

On the project’s website, FLESH is described as experiment that aims to “examine the relationship between identity and its commodification through social medias.”

“By creating an entity from chicken skin, a commodified object in itself, the artists are then introducing it into the social sphere, both online and offline,” the website reads. “This abnormality creates a stimulus for the general public to interact with, by allowing them to adopt FLESH as part of their cyber identity.”

Over the weekend, the artists posted a new addition to the FLESH project on Vimeo: a thoroughly bizarre and vaguely hallucinogenic exercise video featuring the chicken-suited Burton doing aerobics.

It’s unclear whether the artists will be successful in their goal of “stimulating the social sphere” with their FLESH project, but so far it sure seems to be capturing people's attention.

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