This Is A Chicken Sneezing. That Is All.

This Is A Chicken Sneezing. The End.

Who knew? Chickens sneeze too.

A 2012 video that’s recently gone viral purports to show a chicken letting out an almighty achoo — and getting its feathers all a-ruffle in the process. Since being unearthed on Reddit this week, the clip, which has racked up more than 360,000 views, has been startling netizens everywhere.

“I had my volume on full blast and nearly shat my pants,” declared one YouTuber Sunday after seeing the clip of the sniffly fowl. “This is something you can’t prepare for,” wrote another.

According to, a website dedicated to poultry-raising, sneezing is among the “most common veterinary complaints of backyard chickens."

Chickens suffering from respiratory illness should always be isolated from other birds, and “given lots of TLC and be given veterinary attention where necessary,” the website adds.

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