This Cluckin' Chicken Tweets, And She's Got More Twitter Followers Than You

The fowl wordsmith has a lot to say.
Chicken Treat / YouTube

This is Betty -- a chicken with more Twitter followers than you.

Chicken Treat, an Australian fast food chicken chain, has put the bird to work for it's new ad campaign. Betty is assigned a life of professional tweeting until she can produce a five-letter English word.

Science says if you give a monkey a typewriter and an infinite amount of time, eventually it'll spit out some Shakespeare.

Let's hope there's some truth to this, and Betty can do much less, much faster. So far, the closest she's come to an actual word is "Bum."

So is she the real deal? Or just another Facebook bum with a job in social media. Let's see what this fowl wordsmith has to say:

Let the lyrical poeticism of Betty's tweets invade your soul and permeate your consciousness. She somehow expresses so much, yet says so little.

What's that you say Betty? There's trouble at the Old Mill?

Could this chicken be the voice of our generation? I guess we'll find out.

It's ironic that Betty is a chicken, a bird that doesn't actually "tweet." But what's more ironic is that Betty is a promotional mascot for a company that serves up her barnyard brethren as nuggets, wraps and snacks. Hopefully her Twitter prowess will earn her immunity from a similar fate.

Keep on tweetin' on Betty. Never lose your voice.

Watch the full ad below:

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