16 Adorable Chicks Have Taken Over This Mom's Instagram Account

What would happen if 16 chickens tried to cross the road? The photos would be really, really cute.

Ashley Weeks Cart, a mom of two girls -- Addison aka Sunny, 4, and Courtland, 2 -- runs a farm, and photos of her chicks that she's posted to Instagram have really stolen the show. The family purchased them so they could have more hens for eggs, but Sunny knew they were destined for something a little more glamourous. Mom explained in an email to The Huffington Post:

She began asking me to take the pictures of the chicks. She said, 'Mama, show the chicks to other people, because the chicks make me smile, I bet that they'll make other people smile, too. And that's pretty happy.'

Sunny was right. There's just something about kids with chicks -- or a mini pig like this family's -- that make our hearts feel fuzzy.

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