ChicMompreneur's Work From Home Series: 5 Steps to a Kickass In-Home Answering Service Business

Starting a business is awesome, we have discussed some of the challenges as well as the perks of launching a business. The pros outweigh the cons when you plan efficiently, and are prepared to face those challenges.

One thing is true, however, every business is different. Building a blog is certainly not the same as starting a customer service business. Starting a customer service business is a lot more lucrative, however. A reliable in-home answering service can allow a small business to offer their clients amazing customer service while they focus on what they know and love to do most.

Many new business owners may not afford an office or a secretary and prefer to work with an in-home answering service to save them money and time.

Below are 5 Steps to a Kickass In-Home Answering Service.

Be Prepared by understanding the kind of services you would like to provide for your clients.

  • Are you going to be available 24/7 or during certain business hours?
  • Do you prefer to work with one very busy client, a few, or many?
  • Will you simply be answering and taking messages, or answering questions?
  • Will you be offering more services, such as accepting faxes, and providing other office services?

Once you understand what it is you feel comfortable doing, prepare a business plan. Keep it simple in the early stages and focus on setting clear, attainable goals and have a simple easy to follow plan under each goal that will allow you to achieve your goals. This plan can be in a step by step format.

Working with a simpler plan in the early stages will ensure that you actually follow through and will give you a clear sense of direction. You can easily work on a more detailed business plan as the business actually begins to come together.

The Essentials are not your office supplies. By essentials I mean, taking the time to understand the steps you need to take to receive a business license. The best way to do this is to familiarize yourself with local and state regulations for launching and registering your business.

Hire a freelance accountant in the early stages to help you understand tax laws, etc from there you can switch to a bookkeeper for the day to day management or gain the skills to do so yourself.

Set Up The Business by deciding on a location and purchasing your supplies.

One of the perks of launching a home-based business is that you have the opportunity to save a lot of money in the early stages of your business. You can use your home, and actually save money for transforming part of your home into a home office.

Unsplash/Robert Servais

Office Necessities:

  • Whether you plan on staying small or working with more clients, a Virtual PBX Phone System is a great option because they allow you to work with your computer. You have the option of keeping everything simple by simply turning on your computer screen. Your team members can work the same way, saving you more money.
  • A great desk, computer, fax machine, and printer will allow you to offer more services if you choose to do so.
  • A virtual team is a great option for a business owner. Especially if you prefer not to invite people you work with into your home. Hire freelancers on platforms like Upwork, or Elance.

Set Your Hours and Prices:

  • Are you charging hourly or offering a flat rate a month?
  • Have you decided what hours work for you, and do you have a team that will honor those hours, especially if you are relying on a virtual team?

Build a Website

Unsplash/Luis Llerena

Building a website has become so much simpler thanks to larger packages by hosting companies. Companies like Ipage and Godaddy, not only offer you hosting but the ability to create simple website. But if you are still having trouble, you can hire a great team to put your site together or work with platforms like 99designs that allows business owners to launch contests and to choose the winning design.

Find Clients

A great way to find clients is to place ads on websites like craigslist, or on freelance sites like those mentioned above and creating profiles. Reach out to local businesses like doctor's offices as well and offer your services to them. Actively allow yourself to shine, and use all you have at your disposal.

For example, use your business website by adding a blog and offering great tips, apply social media strategies to drive traffic to your site, resulting in clients and buzz.

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