Chief Wombat Cuddler Sounds Like The Sweetest Job In The World

"Non-cuddlers need not apply."

This adorable baby wombat desperately needs a snuggle.

Derek was orphaned in December after his mom was tragically hit and killed by a car.

But now you can come to the critter's rescue by becoming his temporary cuddle buddy.

Tourism marketers in Tasmania, Australia, are looking for a "chief wombat cuddler" to hang out with Derek for 3 days.

The successful applicant will be flown on an all-expenses-paid trip to Flinders Island, where they'll also get to enjoy the local sights.

The pros of the role are getting to spend some quality time with the ridiculously cute animal. Who could resist this face?

The cons are that the job is unpaid and only lasts for three days, and you have to be an Australian citizen to qualify. Boo.

Wannabe wombat cuddlers have to tell Tourism Tasmania in 25 words or less why they're the best person for the role of Chief Wombat Cuddler by April 16.

"Non-cuddlers need not apply," the tourism website states.

Derek is currently being raised by Kate Mooney, who's also known as the "Wombat Lady of Flinders Island," according to UPI.

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