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Chihuahua Designated 'Dangerous Dog' After Biting Mail Carrier In Ontario

Visitors to Windsor, Ontario, should know that two residents are harboring a dangerous dog -- a teacup chihuahua named Molly.

On Aug. 23, the three-pound animal bit a mail carrier, who was instructed by her manager to report the incident to police, the Blackburn News reports.

The bite led to Molly's official classification as a "dangerous dog" by the city, according to the Windsor Star, a designation that has several stipulations for her owners, Mitzie and Jason Scott.

The couple must now post signs around their property that read, "WARNING: Dangerous Dog on Premises," the Calgary Herald reports, and take out a $1 million liability policy on the chihuahua.

In addition, Molly must be implanted with a microchip that identifies her as a dangerous dog and always wear a leash and muzzle while outside.

Mitzie Scott says she is concerned they may not be able to find a muzzle small enough.

City deputy licensing commissioner Michael Chantler told the paper that city bylaw requires the classification for any dog that has caused injury to a person or domesticated animal.

The Scotts attempted to appeal the designation, but on Wednesday, the city's licensing commission voted to uphold the decision.

"[Molly] plays with kids all the time," Jason Scott had argued before comissioners."[She] is the size of an adult shoe."

Maybe it would have gone better if Molly had her own lawyer. Kno, a Georgia pit bull who attacked a 5-year-old last summer, was assigned his very own attorney for a "death penalty hearing."

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