Child Actors Of Fall TV 2012

9 Child Stars To Watch This Fall TV Season

From all-time great child actors like Fred Savage as Kevin Arnold on "The Wonder Years" to current classics-in-the-making like Kiernan Shipka as the tortured Sally Draper on "Mad Men," there are plenty of great examples of underage actors who got it right, and the new Fall TV shows have several names to add to the list.

There's a precocious pre-teen on NBC's "The New Normal"; an adorable redhead on Fox's "Ben and Kate"; some more dramatic diminutive performances on ABC's "666 Park Avenue" and NBC's "Revolution"; and a pair of songbird sisters on ABC's "Nashville" that are destined for major fame beyond YouTube.

Click through our gallery to see the nine cutest child stars of Fall TV:

Bebe Wood, "The New Normal" (NBC)

Cute Kids Of Fall TV

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