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Michelle Obama Is Making Moves to Solve Childhood Obesity

Michelle Obama is working BIG TIME on helping America raise a healthier generation of kids, and in effect improving the overall health of our country.
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2010-04-06-MichelleObama.jpgMichelle Obama is working BIG TIME on helping America raise a healthier generation of kids, and in effect improving the overall health of our country.

For those not familiar yet with her program, Michelle is leading an initiative called "Let's Move" to help solve our country's epidemic of childhood obesity. Did you know that childhood obesity has tripled in the last 30 years, and that one third of America's children are obese? Childhood obesity is not only damaging our kids physically, mentally, and emotionally, it is also destroying the health of our country.

Before coming to the White House the President and I lived lives like most families. Two working parents, busy -- trying to maintain some balance -- picking kids up from school, and trying to get things done at work. Just too busy. Not enough time. And what I found myself doing was probably making up for being unable to cook a good meal for my kids -- was going to fast food a little more than I'd like, ordering pizza ... And I started to see the effects on my family, particularly my kids. It got to the point where our pediatrician basically said you may want to make some changes. So I started making those changes. Short, easy changes. But they led to some really good results.

-- Michelle Obama

Michelle is now bringing the lessons she learned to the White House, and to the country at large.

The Let's Move initiative has four key components:

"Let's Move is going to take families out of their isolation and give them the nationwide support that they need in a whole range of industries to get their kids on track to live healthier lives, to eat right, to get more exercise, and to be ready to face the challenges of the future," said Michelle in an interview posted on the Let's Move website.

2010-04-04-michelleobama_whitehousegarden.jpgThank you Michelle for putting the focus of government where it needs to be - supporting the health and well-being of its citizens. Without healthy people in America, we've pretty much lost our course. If America aims to be a leader in the world, demonstrating healthy growth, prosperity, safety and peace for its people, then how we take care of ourselves as individuals and as a nation has to be the number one priority. Who cares how many tall buildings we construct, how much technology we invent, or how many companies we build? Without healthy citizens, it doesn't mean much.

You can learn more and get involved by going to Let'

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