Reports Of Child Pooping On Newspaper-Covered Seat During Delta Flight Are Questioned

Reports Of Child Openly Pooping On Airline Seat Questioned

Doubt has been cast on stories about a young boy using his airplane seat as a toilet during a flight from Beijing to Detroit last week.

Encouraged by his family, the child reportedly defecated on his seat during the Delta Airlines flight. Passengers raised a stink and asked the parents to take the kid to the restroom, outlets wrote; but the grandparents demanded that the boy finish pooping on his seat, which was covered with newspaper.

Too gross to be true? Possibly.

Delta is saying the account doesn't fly. "Our records do not confirm this story," a spokeswoman told The Huffington Post.

A few Chinese-language sites are referenced in the English-language articles about the alleged incident. On Chinese social media, users were said to weigh in on the matter, calling it a "disgrace."

Back in May, a service dog defecated twice on a commercial jet, sickening a few passengers to the point that the U.S. Airways flight from Los Angeles to Philadelphia had to make an unscheduled stop in Kansas City.

At least we know for sure that the dog story wasn't a bunch of bull.

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