Child Conductor: Six-Year-Old Jonathan Okseniuk Wows Audience With Mature Performance (VIDEO)

When it comes to child prodigies, we've gushed over our fair share of young painters, violinists and pianists, but a six-year-old conductor is a truly unexpected find.

Jonathan Okseniuk may be young, but according to his mother, he developed an interest in classical music at a mere eight months. Although this may seem obscenely young to us non-prodigies, Okseniuk himself recalls his initial obsession with music as even earlier. "I was born with music," he says in an interview with Arizona's KVUE. In the video above Okseniuk conducts the 4th movement of Beethoven's 5th Symphony at only 3 years old. Three years -- and half a life -- later, the gifted youngster has taken his skills to new heights, conducting a full professional orchestra before most of his colleagues can recite their times tables.

The ambitious elementary schooler, who also plays violin and piano, performed with the Arizona Musicfest orchestra yesterday. As you can imagine, the result is as impressive as it is adorable. Watch the video below and be prepared for major heart melting. You can also see Okseniuk play on Andersen Cooper last year.

See him conduct the Kremlin Chamber Orchestra at a mere 4 years old during an encore performance below:

And check out some of our other favorite pint-sized performers in the slideshow below:

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