Child Sex Sting Operation: Video Shows Suspects Busted By Officers At Florida 'Decoy House'

WATCH: Officers Bust Suspects In Child Sex Sting Operation

Deputies say that 23 men approached a home in Ormond Beach, Florida on separate occasions this month, all expecting to have sex with a child.

Instead, each man was met with a squad of undercover officers.

The Volusia County Sheriff's Office has released the video footage that allegedly shows an assortment of suspects approaching the home, knocking the door, and promptly being tackled by law enforcement officials, WESH reports.

Yesterday, the sheriff's office announced in a press release that a five-day sting operation had nabbed 23 men suspected of trying to have sex with children.

Officers went online and posed as children or guardians of children, luring potential predators to a "decoy house" wired with surveillance cameras.

According to the release, suspects walked in the door prepared for a sexual encounter in various ways. One man showed up with condoms; another arrived with a teddy bear in tow; and still another brought a contract, reportedly believing he could get legal permission to have sex with a 14-year-old girl if her parents signed it.

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