Child Put Inside Washing Machine At Laundromat (VIDEO)

A seemingly routine trip to the laundromat turned into an urgent ordeal after a couple's child became stuck inside an active washing machine.

The man in the video was presumably playing with the child when he placed him inside the machine. However, when the door locked, the automatic cycle began with the tot trapped inside.

The panicked couple then started banging and pulling on the door without success as the child continued to spin inside the machine, according to surveillance video posted on YouTube.

Out of options, the man urgently ran to the back of the laundromat to get the attention of a worker, who rushed to the scene and unplugged the washer. When the door finally unlatched, the worker pulled the child out of the machine.

Despite being trapped for more than a minute, the child managed to escape the machine with only minor bruising, according to Real Talk NY.

Perhaps surprisingly, the youngster isn't the only child to get stuck inside a washing machine.

In 2008, 4-year-old Doniven Hasseman tried to retrieve his clothes from the washing machine, when he fell inside and got stuck, MSNBC reports.

Fortunately, emergency workers were able to free the boy using the Jaws of Life in a 45-minute rescue effort that ended with Doniven crawling out of the space unscathed.

However, a similar incident resulted in the death of a 1-year-old Oregon boy who fell into a top-loading washer and drowned.

Tiffany Hebb was just feet away from the appliance when she lost sight of Ollie, who would often help with laundry by climbing onto a bin and tossing the clothes inside with mom, according to the Deseret News.

When Hebb reached into the washer, she found Ollie stuck inside and underwater. Neighbors performed CPR on the boy and were able to get a heartbeat after 45 minutes, but the lack of oxygen to his brain caused irreparable damage. The parents later decided to take Ollie off life support.

"I knew never to leave him alone in the tub. … I never thought about the washing machine (being dangerous)," Hebb told the Deseret News.

UPDATE: 5:32 5/23 -- An ongoing investigation of the incident has led to reports that police are searching for the boy's babysitter and her male companion, who are believed to be the two adults seen in the above video.