Kid Who Took A Cone From National Park Tree Fesses Up In Adorable Apology

It's never too late to say sorry. :)

This apology is so adorable, it's impossible to reject. 

The Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks Facebook page recently shared a heartfelt note from a young visitor with a cone attached to it. The visitor had taken the cone from Kings Canyon on a recent visit and wanted to take ownership for the act. 

"To whom it may concern: I took a pine cone out of the forest and I wanted to return it," the note, which was received in the mail, read. "I am sorry for my decision."

The Parks staff was moved by the child's honest actions and commitment to nature. 

"We are so glad this young person thought about the park's preservation messages," the Parks' post read. 

The child also requested that the cone be given back to the General Grant tree, where the cone -- which is actually a giant sequoia cone and not a pine cone -- was taken. 

Dana Dierkes, branch chief of communications and outreach of the Parks told The Huffington Post that it's actually against park rules to take anything from the grounds. She explained that if all visitors bring home a piece of nature from the parks, "there'd be nothing left." Furthermore, these objects are of big importance to other living things. 

"Different types of plants and cones like that are used by wildlife," Dierkes said. "You could be taking something that's a food source for an animal."

She noted that even taking a rock changes the character and the makeup of the park, and that the could potentially affect other plants or animals there. 

The Parks is happy the child did the right thing. 

"Thanks for leaving Sequoia and Kings Canyon Parks as you found them," the post read. "And, thanks for sending this back, buddy!"