Childhood Cancer Awareness Month: Things You Should Know

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month: Things You Should Know
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Every day, there are 43 children diagnosed with cancer, a fatal class of diseases that involves the out-of-control growth of cells. While 40,000 of those diagnosed children undergo treatment each year, 12% of them do not survive. The disease is affecting children of different genders, ethnic groups, and socio-economic statuses. Its reach is so wide and its effects so grave that many caregivers, research organizations, charities, and families are trying to raise more awareness about it.

This September, the world is observing Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in order to educate people on the different types of cancer that plague children, discuss survivorship issues, and help raise funds to support those who are suffering from it and those who are working to find better solutions to cure it.

Why We Need to Talk About Cancer

This month is an opportunity to engage in the discussion of the development of new research strategies to address cancer. So many research facilities which are dedicated to finding a solution to the disease lack fund, so progress is slow, and they produce incomplete results.

Aside from that, stories of cancer patients and survivors must also be heard, so those who have been recently diagnosed or still suffering will know that they are not facing the battle alone; they can get support from a lot of people.

What you Need to Know About Misdiagnosis of Cancer

Researchers at the Johns Hopkins Hospital have found that one out of 5 cancer cases are misclassified and one out of every 71 cases of cancer is misdiagnosed. People rarely talk about misdiagnosis of cancer in children. However, it is a grave issue that must be addressed.

When a child is diagnosed with the disease, he/she and the people around him/her have to go through an emotional struggle. The patient will also have to start undergoing treatment. However, if the diagnosis is not real, the child is not only exposed to emotional distress, but also to a physical one.

How to Celebrate Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

People should think about all the diagnosed and misdiagnosed cancer patients and their families, and try to support them as they struggle to get through the whole experience. First4SeriousInjury stands with everyone in the cancer community--the doctors, patients, scientists, donors, etc., in fighting against the disease and advocating good medical care.

The team in First4SeriousInjury commit to helping families receive the compensation they deserve when their child has been misdiagnosed. They believe that by pursuing the case, they will reduce the chances of future slips like this; thus, there will be a better treatment for everyone.

You can join First4SeriousInjury and other organizations in observing Childhood Cancer Awareness Month by doing any of the following:

  • Wear a gold ribbon -- A gold ribbon symbolizes awareness. Spread what you know and invite more people to join you.
  • Raise funds -- Treatment for cancer is extremely expensive. A lot of families can't afford to maintain treatment and end up feeling hopeless. Even a small amount from you can be a great help to them.
  • Engage in social media interaction -- Post or tweet about Childhood Cancer Awareness Month so more people will get informed.

There are many other ways you can show your support to the families and patients of cancer. However, you choose to do it is up to you. The most important thing is that you show that you care.

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