10 Of Your Favorite Childhood Movies That Actually Happened In Real Life (PHOTOS)

Today is going to be just like the best day ever.

Because we're about to tell you that your favorite childhood movies happened IN REAL LIFE.

1. The Lion King is essentially fact.

childhood movies based on real life

meerkat lion

And this..

.. is a completely accurate representation of baby lion bath time.


2. An abandoned baby fox becomes BFFs with its natural enemy? Really, Disney?

Wait. Actually, that totally happened.

disney in real life

3. Pooh and Tigger are cute, but they'd never be friends in real life, right?

childhood movies based on real life

4. And if you think it's impossible for a girl to go from dirt poor to royalty..


5. Cats and waterfowl? Friends??

childhood movies based on real life

6. Dogs fall in love, then their owners follow suit. That has to be too adorbz to be true.

claire johnson mark gaffey

7. We all wanted to be friends with Black Beauty growing up..

This girl actually got to be.

megan chance

8. Lost dogs don't always find their way home like in 'Homeward Bound.'

childhood movie based on real life

9. Any 'Free Willy' fans out there?

You're going to want to watch the real-life story of 'Saving Valentina.'

10. And finally, meet Carl from Disney's 'Up.'

Moral of the story: If you're looking for a beautiful, magical world, just look around you!