Rescuers Throw Children From Burning Building In China

The kids -- students at a Ningde City kindergarten -- were safely evacuated.

Heart-stopping footage captured on Wednesday shows children being thrown out of a burning building in China’s Fujian province.

According to Chinese news outlet, the children were in a kindergarten on the second floor of a building in Ningde City when a fire sparked in a store on the first floor.

As the blaze spread, several kids were reportedly trapped inside the school, prompting rescuers to lift the youngsters out of windows and to carry -- and in some cases, drop -- them down to safety.

Photos and videos from the incident appear to show people holding a red safety net for the kids.

At least 92 children and 12 adults were injured in the fire, SINA News reports. The severity of these injuries is unknown at this time.

All of the kindergarten’s students are said to have been evacuated from the building and no fatalities were reported.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.


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