Children Of Divorce: What Kids Need To Know When Their Parents Are Divorcing

What Children Of Divorce Need To Know

When you're a kid whose parents are divorcing, it's helpful to have a hobby or two to distract you from the adult drama at home.

That's the lesson we were reminded of on Monday, after reading HuffPost fellow Madeline Wahl's blog on dealing with her own parents' divorce. Wahl wrote that after years of hearing them argue, her parents' divorce didn't exactly come as a surprise, but it was difficult to process nonetheless. During the roughest days, she said she found relief in books.

"Reading books helped fill the crevices of my broken heart, the love once there chiseled away," Wahl wrote. "I found solace in the struggles the characters faced. These protagonists wanted to save their friends, to find meaning in their lives and help ease the pain of a loved one's losing battle to cancer. None of the books I read were about divorce. I wanted to stray from reality, to dive deep into the fictive dream and only awaken when needed."

Inspired by Wahl's essay, we decided to ask our readers on Facebook and Twitter to share with us what they thought kids should know when their parents are in the middle of splitting up. Click through the slides below to see what both adults and kids had to say, then head to the comments and tell us what advice you have for children of divorce.

What Children Of Divorce Need To Know

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