American Children Receiving Less Money From Tooth Fairy: Report

It looks like American businesses aren't the only ones hoarding cash these days. According to a survey recently released by Visa, so is the fabled Tooth Fairy.

Last year, children who left teeth under their pillow received an average of $3 per tooth, according to the report. This year, in comparison, that amount plunged to $2.60.

The total number of kids getting swindled by the winged home invader has also drastically increased. This year, 5 in 50 received no compensation for their missing teeth. Compare that to last year, when only 2 in 50 were passed over.

The Tooth Fairy also seems to handing out varying amounts according to region. The further west one goes, the higher the rate of return kids are receiving for their dentures, with Northeast kids getting, on average, $2.10 a tooth, while their West and Midwestern counterparts are receiving $2.80.

Melissa Hourigan of Denver didn't know what to do for her 9-year-old when the Tooth Fairy failed to show, the Denver Post reports. Instead, she and her husband purchased a target card for their daughter "because we felt bad and wanted to do something," Hourigan said.

The below video shows how some parents justify ripping off their kids:

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