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To My Children: 12 Parents Open Up To Their Kids About Why They Work

Dear Children: This Is Why I Work
Mother holding hands with son on ledge
Mother holding hands with son on ledge

An estimated 39 million Americans and many more people around the world will participate in “Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day” this year. Mothers and fathers will bring their children with them to their offices, restaurants, labs and factories to show them what it is they do when they are away from home, and to help them discover the treasure troves of career possibilities that await them in the future.

In celebration of more than two decades of the “Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work” program, we partnered with Chevrolet Malibu and asked mothers and fathers to pen notes to their children about what they want their kids to know about why they work.

"To My Children..."

why i work
Photo courtesy of Robin Kelman Roberts

“I work because working makes me a better mom. I stay focused and more organized -- and trust me, with four kids that’s important. I work because I can balance my time better, and I can be a good role model for you.”

--Robin Kelman Roberts of Sylvia Marketing

why i work
Photo courtesy of Ramon Khan

"I work because I like to challenge myself, and it’s through those challenges that we grow in life. Find something in your life that inspires you. When you do, it won’t ever feel like work, it will be fulfilling."

--Ramon Khan of National Air Warehouse

why i work
Photo courtesy of Stacey Delo

"I work because I love to work -- truly. And I'm trying to work as flexibly as possible during this time when you are still really little. I am glad that you are getting to see that different work models can work, even in the same household."

--Stacey Delo of Maybrooks

why i work
Photo courtesy of Erica Latrice

“I work because I can never erase the pain that I felt the day that I told you to put your favorite cereal back because I couldn't afford it. I work because I want to be an example. I work because I love you and want the best opportunities for you.”

--Erica Latrice of Erica Latrice

why i work
Photo courtesy of Gloria Miller

“I work because no matter what anyone says, you don’t have to choose between being a mother or having a career, you can do both.”

--Gloria Miller of Red Sky PR

why i work
Photo of courtesy of Lidia Varesco Racoma

“I work because I want you to see me expressing my creativity, following my dreams and helping make your world a better place -- and I want you to be inspired to do the same.”

--Lidia Varesco Racoma of Lidia Varesco Design

why i work
Photo courtesy of Erin Dean

“I work because you are the air I breathe. I work to show you that you can grow up and accomplish anything you want.”

--Erin Dean of Steve Allen Media

why i work
Photo courtesy of Rachel Gary

“I work so that you can appreciate what hard work provides, [and] learn responsibility and how to be contributing members of the household.”

--Rachel Gary of ONE World Sports

why i work
Photo courtesy of Jessica Turner

“I work because it is a way to express my gifts and passions while providing financially for our family. My children also benefit in ways I couldn’t provide at home through fun lessons and friends at daycare."

--Jessica Turner of The Mom Creative

why i work
Photo courtesy of Kia Martinson

“I work because I hope that I am teaching you that there is a way to find balance in life, and with that you get to experience lots of joys. Plus, if you find something you love -- like the two of you and my job -- you can make both things work. I admit not always perfectly, but at least you see me try.”

--Kia Martinson of ESTOccasions

why i work
Photo courtesy of Margrette Mondillo

“I work because there is no fairy godmother who delivers your new clothes. And because Netflix, Amazon and Verizon -- I hate to break it to you -- are not free services. On a more serious note, I work so that, like my dad always said, your life can be 'even better than mine.’”

--Margrette Mondillo of The Goodwin Group

why i work
Photo courtesy of Robert Longley

“I work because I want to be able to give you opportunities and experiences that I didn’t have growing up. I also work to create value in the world and make a difference in the lives of others.”

--Robert Longley of IntuAction

In the comments below, share own your open letter to your children about why you work!

Chevrolet Malibu celebrates parents all over the world and the work they do raising the next generation. To all mothers and fathers, we salute you for the work you do every day.


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