Children's Board Games: Questionable Lessons From Clue, Monopoly And Where's Waldo

Stalking, Capitalism, Profiling? What Children REALLY Learn From Board Games

Six adults trapped in a mansion. One dead body. Weapons, secret passages and murder investigations. Sounds like just the sort of environment every child should feel at home in. Wait ... what?

The locked room mystery game Clue is -- as everyone knows -- a classic board-game-turned cult-classic movie. Now, its latest incarnation is a tween miniseries, complete with an under-18 cast and color-coded outfits (just so it's crystal clear that dressed-in-green Seamus is in fact, a modern-day Mr. Green). Now, in a world filled with Mortal Kombat, Carmageddon and Grand Theft Auto, Clue-mania might not raise the parental red flag. However, stop and think for a minute about what the game represents; it seems slightly (and hilariously) creepy, no?

Which raises the question: Do other children's board games, espouse questionable themes? Are our kids really better off playing videogames? Here are 11 more that may be less wholesome than they seem.

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Questionable Lessons From Board Games

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