Here's What Your Favorite Children's Book Series Says About You

Here's What Your Favorite Children's Book Series Says About You

As Ralph Waldo Emerson once (more or less) said, "you are what you read, you guys." If the books we read shape our character, the books we read when we were kids did doubly so, because everyone knows children possess heightened neuroplasticity. It makes sense, then, that the series you devoured under the covers, way past your bedtime, flashlight in hand, offers insight into exactly who you are today, now that you're a real person ("adult").

Here is what your favorite children's series says about YOU.

Encyclopedia Brown

You're detail-oriented, and might have been somewhat of a child prodigy. You're prone to thinking before you speak, and you could be classified as opportunistic. Your motto could very well be, "if you're good at something, never do it for free!"

The Baby-sitters Club

You might be a little cliquey, but you can't help it - you just adore your friends! You weren't the lazy sort of preteen who never did as you were told. Au contraire - you're hardworking, innovative, and a great problem solver.

American Girl

You're warmly interested in people, and the well-being of others; stories about overcoming hardships are likely to move and inspire you. You're a bit of an idealist. You may be drawn to more calming activities than, say, adrenaline-inducing adventures.

Nancy Drew

You might have lived somewhat of a charmed life. So charmed, in fact, that you have to complicate your otherwise quotidian routine by solving other people's problems. You're also a renaissance woman (or man) - you excel at just about everything you try your hand at, especially sports and other physical activities.

The Boxcar Children

You're fiercely independent, and sometimes a little stubborn about holding onto your beliefs. You're imaginative, and are likely to enjoy passing time engrossed in your own personal flights of fancy. Because you spend a lot of time in your own head, you're prone to nostalgia, too.


You may feel as though you have a deep, personal connection with your pets, or other animals. Or, you may be a person plagued with paranoia. You are constantly worried that you're running late, and you're terrified of bugs, especially those of the slug-like variety.

The Chronicles of Narnia

More so than your peers, you have a tendency to classify things as "right" or "wrong," and you, more often than not, try to do what's "right," even if that means sacrificing immediate comforts. You are close with your family, and may feel wise beyond your years.

His Dark Materials

You're prone to philosophizing, and often get frustrated when reality doesn't align with your idealistic vision of the world. You also read a lot of Milton.


You like to get your heart rate up, be it from feeling scared or from constantly changing your surroundings. You're usually the first to explore unknown territory, and you're far from risk-averse. You're drawn to more secluded places, rather than crowded, popular locations.

Dear America

You spend a lot of time thinking about the past. In fact, one could say you tend to dwell on it. But that's okay! You're also open to going on new adventures! You have a strong capacity for empathy, and love asking questions.


Forget Star Wars, you defend Lord of the Rings like Théoden defended Helm's Deep. You're somewhat predictable, but far from dull - you're always up for an adventure!

Hank the Cowdog

You're judicious, and are likely not only to abide by the rules, but to enforce them as well. You may have an inflated sense of self, but you're not self-centered. In fact, you're incredibly loyal, and will do just about anything for your loved ones.

Harry Potter

You may feel isolated by society at large, but these feelings of isolation have brought you closer to your friends and family, who you have an intense bond with. You're a little irreverent, and you fight to support the underdogs. Feeling out of place has led you to believe that you were born in the wrong time period.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

You have a dark side, and a taste for the macabre. You have a wry sense of humor that isn't always understood by others. Your life hasn't been easy, but you've made up for it with your skills and grit.

Little House on the Prairie

You might be a hypochondriac, because you've been overexposed to the possibility of tragic maladies. You also really like food and cooking, and the classic video game "Oregon Trail" (again with the sudden, fatal diseases!).

The Hardy Boys

You laugh in the face of danger! You also watch a lot of "Law & Order," and like to spend time with your friends who, aside from their physical appearances, are exactly like you. You're impulsive, athletic, and have great hair.

A Wrinkle in Time

You may be a bit of an outcast - a savant, even - due to your esoteric interests. You have a big family, or you wish you did. You root for the underdog, and you definitely believe in magic. Er, science. Yeah, science.

Ender's Game

You're ambitious, almost to a fault, but deep down you have others' best interests in mind. You may feel like you have something to prove.

Anne of Green Gables

You're witty and incredibly imaginative. You're chatty and care about seeming distinguished. You might jump to conclusions about people quickly, and can be stubborn about trusting your own intuitions.

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