Children's Books 2013: 17 Delightful Books To Read With Your Kids This Holiday Season

17 Holiday Books To Read With Your Kids All Season Long

Huff Post blogger Devon Corneal loves picking out holiday books for the kids in her life. (Ok, so maybe she buys a bunch for herself too, but she asks us not to hold it against her.) For the holidays this year, she’s mixing it up -- pulling together some of her quirky favorites with more traditional fare. She says:

Want an escape from the pre-holiday ramp-up? Try “Fortunately, The Milk” by Neil Gaiman. Need something to distract the kids on Christmas Day when they’re bored with all the electronics and you need a break from the noise? Give them “The Goods” by McSweeney’s. Done with those long dark hours between when the kids get off the bus and dinnertime? Check out “Brief Thief” by Michael Escoffier. Just don’t give your kids “Sophie’s Squash” and then invite them to help you make butternut squash soup. Consider yourself warned. Want to help your kids learn about the world around them? Try “Mamoko” or “Maps” by Aleksandra Mizielinska and Daniel Mizielinski. And if you’re looking for a story that captures the hope and beauty of the season, make sure to include “Bluebird” by Bob Staake in your bedtime routine. Just make sure to keep the tissues handy.

Happy Holidays!

Bluebird By Bob Staake

Holiday Books To Read 2013

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