20 Children's Books That Celebrate Teachers

These books pay tribute to the powerful role educators play in kids' lives.

Teachers play an invaluable role in the lives of children.

Although many parents understood and appreciated this truth prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the experience of the past several months has even further underscored the worth of teachers. As a result, calls for increased teacher pay have escalated in tweets, op-eds and even celebrity interviews.

To celebrate teachers, we’ve rounded up 20 children’s books that honor their impact.

"A Letter to My Teacher"
Written as a thank-you note, this book is a lovely tribute to teachers and the important role they can play in their students' lives. (Available here)
"The Art of Miss Chew"
This picture book depicts the special relationship between a creative young girl and her art teacher. (Available here)
"Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten"
The first in a series of Miss Bindergarten books, this installment introduces readers to the titular teacher and shows how teachers prepare for the school year. (Available here)
"The Dot"
"The Dot" highlights an encouraging teacher who helps kids overcome their insecurities. (Available here)
"The Day You Begin"
"The Day You Begin" covers the experience of feeling different and finding the courage to connect with others under the leadership of a supportive teachers. (Available here)
"The Best Teacher Ever"
In this "Little Critter" book, the protagonist tries to figure out the perfect gift for his beloved teacher. (Available here)
"Here Comes Teacher Cat"
This installment in the "Here Comes Cat" series follows the protagonist's stint as a substitute teacher as he learns to inspire kittens. (Available here)
"Miss Malarkey Doesn't Live in Room 10"
In this funny story from the "Miss Malarkey" series, kids come to learn that teachers have lives outside of school. (Available here)
"Jamaica and the Substitute Teacher"
The heroine of a series of books, Jamaica, navigates a big classroom mistake with her substitute teacher in this thoughtful story. (Available here)
"Thank You, Mr. Falker"
"Thank You, Mr. Falker" is inspired by the author's experience identifying and working through her dyslexia with the help of a caring teacher. (Available here)
"My Teacher for President"
Published in 2008, "My Teacher for President" depicts a boy's argument that his teacher would make an excellent political candidate. (Available here)
"Miss Nelson is Missing!"
When a substitute takes over for an overwhelmed teacher, the students in her class come to appreciate what they're missing in this book from the 70s. (Available here)
"Teachers Rock!"
As the title suggests, "Teachers Rock" celebrates the amazing work educators do. (Available here)
"How Rocket Learned to Read"
A dog named Rocket learns to read with the help of his teacher, a little yellow bird, in this sweet story. (Available here)
"What DO Teachers Do (after YOU Leave School)?"
This funny book imagines teachers living it up at school when the students are all gone. (Available here)
"What If There Were No Teachers?"
This gift book is an illustrated poem showing how sad and empty life would be without educators. (Available here)
"Miss Brooks Loves Books (And I Don't)"
A teacher helps her students find the kinds of books they enjoy in this sweet tale. (Available here)
"Don't Say Ain't"
This story follows a young girl as she navigates her school integration experience with the help of a special teacher. (Available here)
When Yoko's classmates make her feel bad about her sushi lunch, her teacher comes to the rescue in the first book of the Yoko series. (Available here)
"My Teacher’s Secret Life"
This quirky book explores teachers' lives outside of school through the eyes of students. (Available here)

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