25 Children's Books That Teach Kids About Elections And Voting

Parents can use these stories to educate their little ones about the American political process.

We’re five weeks away from Election Day 2020, and needless to say, it’s set to be a historically significant one.

Elections offer parents the opportunity to educate their kids about the U.S. democratic process, and this one is no exception. If you’re struggling with how to dive into the topic with your children, let books be your guide.

We’ve rounded up a selection of children’s books that teach kids about elections and voting. Scroll down for stories that explain the political process, celebrate inspiring political figures, shed light on the struggle for voting rights and more.

"V Is for Voting"
This ABC book introduces young readers to democracy, civil rights and other important concepts. (Available here)
"One Vote, Two Votes, I Vote, You Vote"
This "Cat in the Hat's Learning Library" book teaches kids about elections and includes voting-related activities. (Available here)
"If You Go With Your Goat to Vote"
"If You Go With Your Goat to Vote" helps kids understand what happens on Election Day and aims to inspire future generations of voters. (Available here)
From voting rights to campaigns to recounts, "Vote!" covers many aspects of the democratic process. (Available here)
"If I Ran for President"
As the title suggests, this book encourages kids to imagine the experience of campaigning for the presidential election. (Available here)
"The Night Before Election Day"
Featuring a colorful sticker sheet, "The Night Before Election Day" gives the famous Christmas poem a political spin. (Available here)
"Equality's Call: The Story of Voting Rights in America"
"Equality's Call" recalls the history of voting rights in the U.S. from the time of the Founding Fathers to the present. (Available here)
"What's the Big Deal About Elections"
From the author and illustrator behind "What's the Big Deal About Freedom" and "What's the Big Deal About First Ladies" comes an informative book about the history of voting in the U.S. (Available here)
"The President of the Jungle"
Animals decide who they want to be their leader in this brightly illustrated book about voting. (Available here)
"She Was the First! The Trailblazing Life of Shirley Chisholm"
"She Was the First!" tells the story of Shirley Chisholm, who was the first Black woman elected to Congress, the first Black candidate for a major party's nomination for president, and the first woman to run for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination. (Available here)
"Vote for Our Future"
Students at a school that serves as a polling station encourage members of their community to vote in this inspiring book. (Available here)
"Baby Loves Political Science: Democracy!"
This book introduces young peopl to the ways citizens participate in the democratic process. (Available here)
"Otto Runs for President"
The author behind the Max and Ruby books tackles the the topic of politics in this book about a school election. (Available here)
"Where Do Presidents Come From?"
This comic book shares basic information and fun facts about presidents, elections, governing and more. (Available here)
"Grace for President"
When Grace learns there's never been a female president of the U.S., she decides to run in her school's mock election and launch her own political career. (Available here)
"A Kids Book About Voting"
This installment in the "A Kids Book About" series tackles voting and the democratic process. (Available here)
"ABC... What an Informed Voter You'll Be!
This alphabet book offers an overview of the American political process. (Available here)
"Duck for President"
"Duck for President" follows the story of a lowly duck with grand political aspirations. (Available here)
"Lillian's Right to Vote: A Celebration of the Voting Rights Act of 1965"
Inspired by Lillian Allen, who voted for Barack Obama in 2008 at the age of 100, this book illustrates the history of voting for Black Americans. (Available here)
"The Next President: The Unexpected Beginnings and Unwritten Future of America's Presidents"
Readers learn interesting facts about various U.S. presidents and look ahead to the future of politics. (Available here)
"Bold & Brave: Ten Heroes Who Won Women the Right to Vote"
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand shares the stories of famous suffragists in this book published ahead of the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment. (Available here)
"My Teacher for President"
A student lists the many reasons he thinks his teacher would make a great president in this election-themed story. (Available here)
"Citizen Baby: My Vote"
In this installment in the "Citizen Baby" story, the protagonist learns about political candidates, campaigning, voting and more. (Available here)
"Max for President"
In this story, the titular character runs for class president and learns a few lessons along the way. (Available here)
"I Voted: Making a Choice Makes a Difference"
"I Voted" uses concepts like favorite desserts and class pets to explain voting and breaks down the organization of our government for kids. (Available here)

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