17 Children's Books That Teach Kids Gratitude

These stories feature messages of appreciation, generosity and giving thanks.

Thanksgiving is a good time for parents to talk to their kids about the meaning of gratitude, but these lessons are, obviously, valuable throughout the year. There are many ways to teach children gratitude year-round, and one very simple yet powerful approach is through books.

Countless children’s books offer beautiful lessons about gratitude, generosity and appreciation for the world around us and the many incredible people in it. See below for a selection of 17 children’s books that feature messages of gratitude.

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"The Thank You Book"
Mo Willems' Elephant & Piggie series features this story of Piggie's "Thank-o-rama" — full of shoutouts to all the wonderful characters in her world. (Available here)
A brother and sister explore different ways of life and the many things different people have to be thankful for. (Available here)
"Thank You Body, Thank You Heart"
This book offers a bedtime ritual of gratitude, guiding kids through the practice of giving thanks for the bodies and minds that carry them through life. (Available here)
"Thanks A Million"
This collection of kid-friendly poems teaches children about the many reasons to be grateful and the power of saying "thank you." (Available here)
"Bear Says Thanks"
This Thanksgiving-esque story emphasizes generosity, gratitude and sharing. (Available here)
"Don't Say A Word, Mama"
Two sisters and their mother take part in a secret scheme of generosity as they express the gratitude they have for each other. (Available here)
"Otis Gives Thanks"
This installment in the Otis series focuses on finding something to be thankful for in all situations. (Available here)
"I Am Thankful"
Part of the "Positive Power" series, "I Am Thankful" follows a young boy as he learns to find moments of appreciation throughout the busy holiday season. (Available here)
"Those Shoes"
"Those Shoes" tells a story of generosity and selflessness in the midst of peer pressure. (Available here)
"An Awesome Book Of Thanks!"
Kids learn to look for and find things to appreciate in the world around them in this story. (Available here)
"Giving Thanks"
Written by Mohawk chief and spiritual leader Jake Swamp, "Giving Thanks" offers a Native American tribute to the world around us and the power of nature. (Available here)
"The Berenstain Bears Count Their Blessings"
A thunderstorm gives the parents an opportunity to show their cubs all they have to be grateful for. (Available here)
This bilingual book follows a young boy as he cheerfully recounts the many things that make him feel gratitude. (Available here)
"The Thankful Book"
"The Thankful Book" celebrates all the small, special things kids have to give thanks for. (Available here)
"Splat Says Thank You!"
The titular cat cheers up his mouse friend by putting together a book of all the reasons he's thankful for their friendship. (Available here)
"Gratitude Soup"
In this story, a purple fairy learns to make gratitude soup by imagining all that makes her feel grateful in life and mixing them together in an imaginary soup pot. (Available here)
"Llama Llama Gives Thanks"
Llama Llama and his family show their gratitude during the Thanksgiving season in this installment in the beloved series. (Available here)

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