19 Children's Books That Normalize Breastfeeding

These books educate kids about nursing or feature images that show it's natural.

Breastfeeding is a natural and healthy way to nourish a baby. Yet there are still countless stories of strangers shaming mothers for nursing their babies in public.

Helping people understand that there’s nothing wrong with breastfeeding a child ― and that mothers have the legal right to do it wherever they’re allowed to be ― can go a long way toward building a more tolerant society. And it can start at a young age.

In honor of National Breastfeeding Month, we’ve rounded up 19 children’s books that are about nursing or feature images that normalize this way of feeding a little one.

"Mama's Milk"
This book, which features bilingual editions, uses illustrations to show how different mammals, including humans, feed their babies. (Available here)
"Who in the World Likes to Nurse"
Readers see moms from different parts of the world nursing their babies, as well as non-human mammals doing the same. (Available here)
"What Does Baby Want?"
"What Does Baby Want?" helps kids understand what breastfeeding is through the story of a fussy baby who wants milk. (Available here)
"Babies Don't Eat Pizza"
This book geared toward big brothers and sisters helps kids understand what it takes to care for a new baby — including breastfeeding. (Available here)
"Tucking In!"
Highlighting the many things kids and animals have in common, "Tucking In!" features a reference to breastfeeding. (Available here)
"Everywhere Babies"
"Everywhere Babies" includes a line about the fact that babies eat "by bottle, by breast, with cup and then spoon.” (Available here)
"My Mama's Milk"
This book helps young readers understand breastfeeding and is particularly useful for children welcoming new baby siblings. (Available here)
"All the World"
A multicultural family goes through the day connecting with other people and observing different parts of life, including breastfeeding. (Available here)
"Ruby's Baby Brother"
A little girl named Ruby adjusts to having a new baby in the house in this cute story that features an illustration of breastfeeding. (Available here)
"Babies Nurse"
This book, which also comes in bilingual editions, shows mammals in nature feeding their babies. (Available here)
"You, Me and The Breast"
This installment in a series about pregnancy and early childhood focuses on the bond between a breastfeeding mother and child. (Available here)
"My New Baby"
"My New Baby" helps older siblings understand the experience of welcoming a new baby and features an illustration of a newborn nursing. (Available here)
"Mummy Makes Milk"
A mom answers her son's many questions about breastfeeding in this educational book. (Available here)
"If My Mom Were a Platypus"
"If My Mom Were a Platypus" shows a variety of mammal moms as they care for their young. (Available here)
"Mommy Feeds Baby"
This multicultural book features a variety of pictures illustrating different breastfeeding experiences. (Available here)
"Mama's Leche"
"Mama's Leche" is a bilingual book about breastfeeding from the baby's perspective. (Available here)
"You're Getting a Baby Sister!"
This book features an illustration of a baby breastfeeding as part of an introduction to newborns for siblings-to-be. (Available here)
"Cuddled and Carried / Consentido y cargado"
Another bilingual book, this one explores the parent-child bond across animal species and features an image of a human mom breastfeeding her baby. (Available here)
"Mama, Who Drinks Milk Like Me?"
"Mama, Who Drinks Milk Like Me?" teaches kids about the other animals that breastfeed and introduces the idea of weaning. (Available here)

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